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Case:  In-Win:  VAMX---- Canada Distributor of In-Win  
As one of the earliest distributor of In-Win in Canada, VMAX continually provides full line In-Win to you with fully warranty. In-Win case with PowerMan power supply keep the top quality. 
ATX-L545 L545 Blue or Silver 13.5" MicroATX Tower w/ P4-180W PSU Blue/White
ATX-V506 In-Win V506, Powerman P4-200, 2x5.25,2x3.5, 14" 1x3.5, 1 fan
ATX-S564-BK In-Win S564 17", 3x 5.25,2x3.5,2x3.5, 6-in-1 reader Powerman-250W
ATX-J508U-3G In-Win J508U-3G 18", 4x 5.25/2x3.5/3x3.5, USB2.0, Powerman-300W, 3G 
ATX-J535U-3G In-Win J535U-3G 18", 4x 5.25/2x3.5/3x3.5, USB2.0, Powerman-300W, 3G 
ATX-J523U-BK-3G In-Win J523U-BK-3G 18", 4x 5.25/2x3.5/3x3.5, USB2.0, Powerman-300W, 3G Air Duck
ATX-S508 In-Win S508, Powerman P4-300, 3 x 5.25,2x3.5, 3x3.5, 1 fan
ATX-S500 In-Win S500 18", 3 x 5.25,2x3.5, 3x3.5, Powerman-250W
ATX-A500 In-Win A500 17", 3 x 5.25, 2x3.5, 2x3.5, , Powerman-250W
ATX-Q500/300 In-Win Q500 Powerman-300W, 24", 5 x 5.25,2x3.5, 3x3.5
ATX-Q2000/300x2 In-Win Q2000 Powerman 300W x 2,  24", 5 x 5.25,2x3.5, 3x3.5
ATX-D500/145 In-Win D500 145W, Micro Desktop, 1 x 5.25,2x3.5, 1x3.5"
ATX-H500/300P4 In-Win H500 Powerman P4-300W, full Desktop, 2 x 5.25,2x3.5, 1x3.5", 1x5.25"
ATX-FT620/180 In-Win FT620 180W, flex Desktop, 1x 5.25,1x3.5, 1x3.5"
ATX-BT610/145 In-Win BT610 145W, flex Desktop, 1x 5.25,1x3.5, 1x3.5"
ATX-R3000RP In-Win R3000, 5U/19" Powerman P4-300W x 2, 3x 5.25,1x3.5, 6x1" Trays 1x scsi Backplace
ATX-R3000SP In-Win R3000, 5U/19" Powerman P4-300W, 3 x 5.25,1x3.5, 6x1"module, 1x Backplace
ATX-R2000 In-Win R2000, 5U/19" P4-300W, 3 x 5.25,1x3.5, 6x1"module, 1x Backplace 
i500-CardReader In-Win int. Card reader 6-in-1, Beige or Black
E500-CardReader In-Win Ext. Card reader 6-in-1,
Agear makes the cases for deasktop, DVD-writer, USB mobile and Rackmount.
ATX-TA192 Agear nSpire TA-192, Spakle-300W 18",4x5.25,2x3.5,4x3.5, 1 fan, USB2.0
ATX-TA6500MB Agear ATX-6500MB, 300W, Temp-LED, 18",4x5.25,2x3.5,4x3.5, 1 fan, USB2.0
Aluminum Cases
1U, 2U, 4U, Servers
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Inwin Cases

ATX-S500 P3-tower
ATX-S508 P4-18" 
ATX-BT-610 Flex

ATX-H500 Regular Desktop
ATX-D500: Micro Desktop
ATX-Q500: Full tower

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